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The Journal of Management and Business Review (JMBR) is an academic journal published twice a year (July and January) by the Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) - Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen PPM. JMBR has obtained ISSN so that it can be recognized in the credit score assessment.

JMBR is a source of scientific information for academia, research institution, government agencies, and industries. We publish research papers on management and business strategy as well as related topics. We received the results of basic research and applied research. JMBR is a scientific journal focused on management and business issues. Topics discussed in JMBR are marketing, finance, strategic, human resource, operation, entrepreneur, and business.

Please read this guide carefully. Authors who wish to submit articles to a scientific training journal must comply with the writing Guideline. Articles can be written in Indonesian or English. If the article submitted is not in accordance with the writing guidelines or written in a different format, it will be rejected by the editor before further review. The editors only accept articles that meet the specified format.

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Submission Temporarily Closed


Dear Author

With regarding a large amount of interest in manuscripts that have entered the editorial office of the Journal of Management and Business Review (JMBR) (note: the queue of manuscripts to be published up to the July 2024 edition does not include newly entered manuscripts), the JMBR Editorial Team decided to close the registration of new authors temporarily. Thus, authors cannot submit new manuscripts either online via the website or by e-mail. We apply this temporary closure policy for an unspecified time limit.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you for considering this journal as a venue for your work.

Posted: 2023-01-01
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Vol 20, No 3 (2023): Special Issue Konferensi Nasional Riset Manajemen XII, 2023

This issue is all accepted papers from "Konferensi Nasional Riset Manajemen XII, 2023" which held on October 3-5th, 2023 by Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen PPM and Soegijapranata Chatolic University in collaboration with co-hosted by Prasetya Mulya University and Widya Mandala Catholic University. All accepted papers were reviewed by Reviewer Team of KNRM XII.

Full Issue

View or download the full issue Vol 20 No 3 Special Issue 2023 (Bahasa Indonesia)

Table of Contents


Dona Ertika Shafira, Ossi Ferli, Enny Haryanti, Erric Wijaya
Pages: 207-220
Views: 40
Downloads: 102
Katarina Siena Herlika Cerline, Indah Sulistyawati Widiarti, Penta Parafina, Martdian Ratna Sari, Noveri Maulana
Pages: 221-239
Views: 24
Downloads: 93
Nisrina Sari Prihadi, Hendrarto Kurniawan Supangkat
Pages: 240-255
Views: 32
Downloads: 80
Claudia Lahindah, Ridwan Sanjaya
Pages: 256-265
Views: 35
Downloads: 69
Edy Purnomo, Berta Bekti Retnawati
Pages: 266-280
Views: 31
Downloads: 73
Dyah Titisari Anugraheni, Maria Yosephine Dwi Hayu Agustini, Sentot Suciarto Athanasius, Berta Bekti Retnawati, Ant. Haryo Perwito
Pages: 281-298
Views: 34
Downloads: 70
Diyah Dumasari Siregar, Yunita Andi Kemalasari
Pages: 299-310
Views: 30
Downloads: 74
Esti Dwi Rinawiyanti, Cindy Avelin Priska, Gunawan Gunawan
Pages: 311-331
Views: 40
Downloads: 77
Alva Putri Yevitayani, Alzaiwa Afriandra Pamungkas, Amelia Rosa, Audrey Christabella Kurniawan, Ferio Ferio, Yunita Wanasiri, Aprihatiningrum Hidayati
Pages: 332-352
Views: 33
Downloads: 85
Yunita Andi Kemalasari, Yunita Wanasiri
Pages: 353-363
Views: 38
Downloads: 73
Haryanti Haryanti, Andrianto Widjaja
Pages: 364-382
Views: 32
Downloads: 68
Evilia Sri Yuniar, Kusuma Agdhi Rahwana, Ira Nurhayati, Dhe Juliawati
Pages: 383-393
Views: 31
Downloads: 69
Astrid Amalia Saviera, Jusriyani Junaid, Renato Franklin Johannes, Martdian Ratna Sari, Noveri Maulana
Pages: 394-413
Views: 33
Downloads: 85
Rahmat Zamzami, R Bagus Hendero Pramono, Hendrarto Kurniawan Supangkat
Pages: 413-430
Views: 28
Downloads: 74
Roy Jones Wijaya, Lena Ellitan, Maria Mia Kristanti
Pages: 431-443
Views: 24
Downloads: 76
Maria Yosephine Dwi Hayu Agustini, Anastasia Posmaria Setiasiwi Sitohang, Sentot Suciarto Athanasius, R. Bowo Harcahyo, Berta Bekti Retnawati
Pages: 444-453
Views: 44
Downloads: 82
Cecilia Faliana Pungkasari, Maria Yosephine Dwi Hayu Agustini
Pages: 454-468
Views: 35
Downloads: 71
Bonifatus Junianto Wibowo, Veronica Kusdiartini, Dyah Titisari Anugraheni, Ignatius Supriyanto
Pages: 469-481
Views: 27
Downloads: 71
Ivan Agus Setiawan Pambudi, Widyarso Roswinanto, Ciu Heny Meiria
Pages: 482-501
Views: 28
Downloads: 69
Putri Andini, Anava Nesia Santoso, Kezia Yokbeth Wilhelmina Danomira, Martdian Ratna Sari, Noveri Maulana
Pages: 502-519
Views: 33
Downloads: 91
Muhammad Fadhullah Ali, Natasya Armitha Putri, Muflia Intan Putri, Ismi Darmastuti
Pages: 520-532
Views: 27
Downloads: 72
Nanang Jantan Jumeneng Parikesit, Catur Sugiarto
Pages: 533-555
Views: 27
Downloads: 80
Margaretha Emmanuella Sinaga, Hervikarani Purnomo Putri, Mirwan Surya Perdhana
Pages: 556-573
Views: 37
Downloads: 83
Miranda Cempaka Ganda Putri, Annisa Berliana Ramadhanti, Muhammad Fadlullah Ali, Mirwan Surya Perdhana
Pages: 574-588
Views: 36
Downloads: 89
Nabilah Putri Maulidini, Abdul Hadi, Ayu Indirawanty, Ivan Maulana Rasidi, Tri Andika, Aprihatiningrum Hidayati
Pages: 589-605
Views: 33
Downloads: 83
Lufina Mahadewi
Pages: 606-621
Views: 41
Downloads: 92
Martdian Ratna Sari
Pages: 622-636
Views: 26
Downloads: 62
Antoni Antoni, Aries Heru Prasetyo
Pages: 637-656
Views: 30
Downloads: 78